About US

Artech Engineering Solutions offers start-to-end MEP solutions in Engineering services to Clients, Consultants & Contractors.

About the company

Artech Engineering Solutions is a MEP service provider offering consultancy services in the field of Electrical, Telecommunication, Extra Low Voltage system (ELV), Plumbing/Sanitary, HVAC, fire protection.

We consider project quality and Sustainable design as two imperative elements that exemplify principles of better utilization of tangible and intangible resources. We work diligently to provide engineering solutions that are within the clients’ budget and schedule requirements At AES, Project quality and Sustainable design are accomplished through a process beginning with ideas translated into Plans and then carefully divided, allocated and coordinated through each phase of activity to produce the desired result of providing excellent end product.

Client satisfaction and projects success are the best accolades we have received from the customers.

We believe the client has the best understanding of his/her own needs and we focus our engineering expertise to provide solutions that meet those needs through active listening and open dialogue.

Our technical staff members stay abreast of developments in their technical professions, allowing us to implement both traditional and state-of-the-art technologies in our engineering analyses and designs.

Mission and Goals

Our mission is to be recognized as reputed organization in our profession through our excellent and efficient, Cost effective services and thereby offering best engineering services.

Monitoring the project growth as designed by ARTECH Engineering Solutions and meeting the specific standards is what we aim at.

To grow as performance driven company, with immaculate engineering workmanship, relentless cost effective, timely solutions and best engineering practices.

Client satisfaction and projects success are best accolade we have received from the costumers.

Word from the founder

We have a well-established track record with experience of most forms working successfully for variety of Architect’s/Client/Consultant/Contractors

Artech Engineering Solutions is a MEP service provider offering consultancy services and helps to analyse the obvious.

It requires a very unusual mind to undertake the analysis of the obvious.

—Alfred North Whitehead